Spinfire External Battery Pack

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The Spinfire External Battery Pack includes a battery, carry bag and cables. This pack can plug in to your machine to give you 3 – 8 hours of play time. Spinfire External Battery You can optionally remove the internal battery inside your machine reducing the weight from 24 kg to just 18 kg. Simply sit the battery pack behind the machine and plug it in to the charger jack.

  • Reduce the weight of your machine by 6 kg, making it easier to lift, carry and manoeuvre.
  • Easier to charge. Only the battery needs to be carried to a power point for charging.
  • Can have multiple batteries for quick swapping and charging (charge one battery while using the other).
  • Can have an internal battery and external battery. Once the internal battery goes flat, simply plug in the external battery (note, we recommend your machine should be configured with no internal battery for increased portability and flexibility).
  • Easier to replace the battery when needed (batteries should last approximately 3 years if regularly charged).
  • One cable for charging and the other for plugging into the machine. Uses your standard or fast charger, no need for a new charger.

Please note, if you already have an internal battery and you want to remove it, making it into an external battery, you only need to purchase the battery carry bag and wires. We can sell these separately for $65, so please contact us for information.

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2 reviews for Spinfire External Battery Pack

  1. Anonymous

    fantastic. got exactly what I needed.

  2. Allan

    Nothing short of excellent service.

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