Spinfire 超粘手胶 (3个卡装)

USD $6.99

Spinfire 超粘手胶将粘着性、优异的吸汗功能及舒适的握持感集于一身。


Spinfire 超粘手胶将粘着性、优异的吸汗功能及舒适的握持感集于一身。


Spinfire 超粘手胶 (3个卡装) 有 11 个评价

  1. Anonymous

    Really good overgrips. Similar to the Wilson Pro’s, they are quite absorbent and soft to the touch. I didn’t think them particularly ‘tacky’, more like ‘tactile’ feel from an absorbant cloth. They do feel a little thicker than others, but soft so the hand sinks in and the grip is impresive. Sweaty hands will like these overgrips which make the racquet feel new with each new overgrip.

  2. Aki gaitis

    As a Yonnex overgrap fan i actually didnt mind the performance of the Spinfire…still testing it but not much difference so thumbs up!! also many more colours avail!

  3. Anonymous

    Have used them before and liked them. Tried other brands but came back to these. Comfortable, Tacky but not too much. Easy to change grip positions.

  4. Antony M.

    Cheap and cheerful grips, but no use for serious play. The racket was slipping and sliding in my hand after half an hour. Maybe good for kids, or people starting out.

  5. Anonymous

    product was as described i.e. excellent

  6. Anonymous

    These grips are my favourite!

  7. Sam

    great on my babolat pure aero

  8. Mike

    Spinfire Supertac is a very good product

  9. Nick

    For the price i find this grip has no slip. Does not wear as much i find when my palms get sweaty it has high absorption. Gives the actual grip no extra padding either.

  10. Dean

    I have found them to work the best

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