Spinfire 火焰

USD $549.00


  • 适用网拍、壁拍、羽拍拍框
  • 坚固的结构、较轻的重量
  • 重锤拉线
  • 便携
  • 弹簧控制线夹底座
  • 6点架拍
  • 微调支臂
  • 可360度旋转的转盘
  • 高品质、能360度旋转的双用线夹
  • 包括穿线工具
  • 2年质保





可调整水平的装置 :



火焰穿线机利用 六点支持架拍为球拍拍框提供了很好的支撑,并能防止球拍在穿线时扭曲和损坏。每个支点可以微调,实现夹紧又不损坏球拍拍框的目的。








Spinfire 火焰 提供2年质保服务。


Spinfire 提供如下任选配件。

羽拍/壁拍线夹 – 这些体积小的线夹提供更加紧凑的空间,它们是穿羽拍/壁拍的必须品。$39 每个。


Spinfire 火焰 有 14 个评价

  1. Louieji Estrella

    I love this stringing machine! its so easy to use and i got my head around it after the first stringing. The price is affordable as well!

  2. Rodney Pearce

    The machine itself is quite sound. I have started to prefer the drop weight machine over a mechanical spring release for several reasons. The racquet supports are particularly good.
    However, the flying clamps are currently damaging string (being used for badminton) without them being too tight in general. The damage doesn’t occur on each clamp but once or twice per racquet. On checking with a friend with the same machine, he had to fiddle with his clamps a bit to get them to leave strings undamaged so it can be done, it’ll probably take some fiddling. He makes the suggestion that they can appear to be clamping when actually the string is being held as is being cut into slightly. In the meantime I used floating clamps and no issues with that, it’s just less convenient in a few ways.

    So, all in all, I think 4 stars is warranted. Generally happy. I’ve never really had a perfect clamp either, unfortunately.

  3. Anthony .

    I had learnt how to restring on an Spinfire so I decided to purchase the same machine due to the familiarity of using this Stringing machine and I have to say this version has better clamps which make a huge difference compared to the older version .
    A very easy piece of equipment to use.

  4. Steve

    Easy to use and very compact. Seems to be good quality, especially the drop clamps

  5. Tariq

    This machine is very good value for what you pay. After using this for several months I’m still happy with my purchase.

  6. Sunkyu

    Very good, thanks! !

  7. Johnny

    Easy to use, convenient and portable. All springs and bearing are smooth. Once you’ve learn how to re-string rackets and done a handful of rackets, its a very good machine.

  8. Helo

    Great machine but had to look at a few videos online of other machines to get started (a better handout or link to a Youtube video wuold be very helpful for a 1st timer). Now that I have the basics down, very easy to use. The string gripper clutch is easy to use but can ghost the string a bit so perhaps a different gripping mechanism may be slightly better but overall very happy with my purchase.

  9. Rachel

    I can take it anywhere

  10. Pierre

    If anything I find it a bit heavy and I am missing a system that would lock the rotation of the racquet. It’s probably just me and of course I still recommend it.

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