Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

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  • Top speed 80mph / 130km/h
  • Lowest speed 20mph / 32km/h
  • Horizontal random (narrow, medium & wide)
  • Vertical random
  • 2 line drill (narrow, medium & wide)

  • Extreme topspin & slice
  • Extreme lob
  • Ball intervals from 2 to 15 seconds
  • 150 ball capacity
  • Suitable for both tennis and padel
  • Large transport wheels
  • 3 – 8 hour battery life
  • Optional fast charger

  • Battery or AC
  • Remote control included
  • Pocket for remote
  • Weighs 40-54lbs / 18-24 kg
  • Collapsed dimensions
    24″ L x 16″ W x 19″ H
    61 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm
  • 2 year warranty


Introducing Spinfire Pro 2 (version 2)

We’ve taken the best all-round ball machine and made it even better.

Tennis ball machines are a fantastic way to practice and improve your game, regardless of your skill level. The Spinfire Pro 2 makes it easy to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of paces, spins and elevations, and build your mobility and fitness with practice drills.

With a number of improvements over the original version, the Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) offers things you’d normally only find on a much more expensive machine. It includes internal movement, an easy-to-use control panel and remote control, and 150-ball capacity – all wrapped up in an extremely stylish and compact design.

Here’s what makes it even better

Some of the key upgrades include:

Improved ball variations:
  • The ‘Horizontal Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Horizontal Random’, so it randomly selects spots across the court rather than sweeping from side to side
  • The ‘Vertical Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Vertical Random’, so it randomly selects the longest or shortest points rather than sweeping up and down
  • ‘Horizontal Random’ now includes a ‘narrow’ option, rather than just ‘wide’ or ‘medium’
Improved portability and practicality:
  • More compact design with an extra handle at the top of the mouth when the hopper (ball basket) is inverted
  • Larger transport wheels with a full axle through the body for added stability and strength
  • A slot has been added to store the remote control
Improved reliability and durability:
  • All electronic components have been upgraded
  • Streamlined design, including internal cabling & battery brace

For a full list of improvements, please click here.

Key features and benefits

Internal movement

Unlike most ball machines, which change the direction of the ball by moving the whole machine from side to side, the Spinfire Pro 2 moves internally. This allows for faster re-direction and makes shots less predictable. The internal parts are black to further disguise shot direction.

Random modes

With both horizontal and vertical random modes, balls can be delivered across the full width of the singles court with depth variation. The Spinfire Pro 2 can be set to deliver the same trajectory over and over or a variety of random trajectories. ‘Horizontal Random’ can be set to deliver balls across a narrow, medium or wide area. ‘Vertical Random’ delivers short or long balls in a random order. Both ‘Horizontal Random’ and ‘Vertical Random’ can be combined for a very realistic playing pattern.

Two-line drills

This feature delivers alternating forehands and backhands. It can be set to ‘wide’, ‘medium’ or ‘narrow’ to vary the degree of difficulty. The ‘wide’ setting makes you run from side to side, ‘narrow’ allows you to remain in the middle of the court, while ‘medium’ is between the two. You can also set the timing between each ball.

Extreme topspin and slice capability

Using counter rotating wheels, the Spinfire Pro 2 operates very quietly and can generate maximum topspin and slice if desired.

Extreme lob

Extreme lobs are rare to find in other ball machines on the market, but with 60° elevation, the Spinfire Pro 2 has no trouble serving up realistic lobs for repetitive practice, making them a breeze on game day.

Remote control

All functions can be controlled remotely, allowing the player to start or pause the machine and change functions without leaving their side of the court.

Easy portability

Compact and lightweight, the Spinfire Pro 2 fits in the trunk of most cars. The hopper (ball basket) can be reversed to neatly cover the machine, and solid wheels and an extendable handle allow you to pull or push it almost anywhere.

Three power options

You can choose between our 3 power options, External Battery – machine with external battery pack, Internal Battery – internal built-in battery machine or AC Power – plug-in AC power option.

The External Battery machine is much lighter as the battery is separate, this also allows for handy charging without moving your machine, great for leaving it in the car while you charge the battery! The all-in-one option is our Internal Battery machine, you can simply plug in your machine to charge the battery. A fast charger is also available, cutting the charging time to just 3-4 hours! If your court has easy access to a powerpoint, the AC Power plug-in machine with no battery allows for simple plug and play. Check out the pictures below to see each of our machines!

More power options!

AC Adaptor
Add this to your order if you would like to run your Internal Battery or External Battery machines using electricity as well.

External Battery Pack
Add this to your order if you would like to expand your options and run your AC Power machine with a battery as well.
You can also add this to your order if you would like to double your playtime with an External Battery Pack to run your Internal Battery machine.

Not just for tennis – Padel Ball Machine

The Spinfire Pro 2 has quickly become a must-have training tool for tennis and padel players alike! With adjustable ball feed settings and additional software designed specifically for padel, this versatile machine can help you improve your padel game like never before!


The Spinfire Pro 2 machine is covered by an outstanding 2-year warranty on parts and labour, and the battery has a 6-month warranty.

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73 reviews for Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

  1. Arcadio Fogal

    Great tennis ball machine

  2. Martin

    Spinfire 2 compared with new Spinfire 2 v2

    From a practical point of view, the larger wheels and more compact design make a huge difference when compared with the previous model.  Simply just much easier to move around and wheel over more uneven terrain and less stress on the handle. The more rectangular type design as opposed to the previous design which due to the 200 ball hopper was a little bit rounded out at the edges is just more manageable.

    Initially fired 7000 or so balls and only 2 ball jams. So the Carousel design works significantly better. The consistency of balls when fired is greatly improved and I’m pretty sure they’re coming faster or rather the speed at which it’s ejecting the balls is faster than my 2 machine was. 

    Almost perfect feeding of balls, meaning consistency of interval and almost no times where if you’ve chosen 1 of the 3 drills you get balls that shoot to one side 3 or more times in a row at the exact same point before oscillating to a different side or point on the same side of the court.

    With the previous machine obviously, once you got down to the last 10 or so balls intervals would become very varied. And often if you just waited not all the balls would have fired. Now when they stop firing pretty much always no balls left and maybe only some inconsistency in the last few balls just because there may be a gap in the carousel.

    Back Panel redesign is simply just more convenient. The power switch and connector for the external battery are just more convenient. I never did and still don’t really use the back panel controls very much unless I need to get into the hidden settings. However, if you do use it, it’s a cleaner layout and easier to navigate.

    I’m a little annoyed that this didn’t occur to me before but when initially setting up the machine if you’re firing the balls in the center of the back of the court, you can much more easily align the machine to fire straight if you leave the handle extended whilst you align the wheel with the centre point. It simply helps act as a guide and it’s simple maths that like with bullets or arrows the further away they get shot, the greater the effect one degree off-axis has on where they end up.

    I believe the consistency and accuracy have really improved with the v2.

    Having the narrow, medium, and wide oscillation is good. I could never understand why there wasn’t a narrow setting. Overall though I think the variation is more random and just simply better.

    In general, it’s a much better design, and the new carousel, wheels, placement of the XLR connector, power switch, and LCD panel are smart and logical design improvements.

    Internal oscillation, 2 types of external battery and light, easy to use remote.

    Good before, but even better now.

  3. Carolyn Waddington

    Great service and advice on purchase and the machine came so quickly. It is the perfect machine for our whole family. It is so easy to use, The remote has excellent range and the drills are fantastic. The machine suits from a beginner through to an advanced player due to the high range of settings. I am so happy that we bought this and would recommend this machine to anyone who is looking to improve their game and fitness. I would recommend that you purchase the starter set with the balls, tube to pick up the balls and the ball holder.

  4. Peter Wong

    Pro: Great machine, easy to use. I started with 72 balls but found myself picking up balls all the time. So I filled it up with 144 balls.
    Con: The wheels are very small, hard to move around uneven surfaces/ thick grass. I had to mount it to a hand trolley from Bunnings to help moving it around.

    Note from Spinifre: This review is of the old v1 machine. The new v2 model was launched on the 1st Oct 2020 which has larger transport wheels for easier movement over uneven surfaces and thick grass.

  5. Dave Kitzmiller

    I love this machine. Received it beginning of August and have used it at least 10 times. Every reason I could come up with in determining which machine to buy came out perfectly for me. Here are my reasons. 1 – It is simply built. The more complicated something is the more likely it will breakdown. 2 – It is very easy to use. The remote is light, well thought out arraingment. All the variability in function that anyone would want. 3 – Fits my purpose. I am in my 60s. Played on college team, #2 singles, #1 doubles, played at 4.0 to 5.0 when I was in school. Topspin, flat, cut shots, speed, lobs, time interval. 4 – Easy to transport and holds enough balls. Wheels and extendable handle make it easy. External battery helps reduce weight to put in and out of car. I bought 2 bags of balls, around 150 in hopper at a time is just right. I will run through 3 sessions. 5 – Quiet – this is important. It is very quiet. If you are on a court and others are the court next to you you don’t want to make them mad. 6 – External battery is great since I. don’t want to move a machine into my place to charge. Trickle charge is enough over night and I will charge after about 3 outings. I have never had it not work so I don’t know how long I can go on a single charge. 7 – I like the mechanics that it will pivot internally to spread the shots to forehand and backhand. If you look really hard at the machine from across the court you can see where it is going but you have to really look. I’m glad it doesn’t show its hand easily.

    I love it, love it. Yes, it is pricey but the health benefits, the game improvement that it will ultimately make and the friends you make by their curiosity is well worth it. And knowing that if it breaks down in a year or more, if it does, I can probably fix it myself.

    BTW – the other machines I considered, Lobster Elite Grand 5, Spinshot Plus 2, Hydrogen Proton.

  6. Anonymous

    It suits the whole family from an 8 year old to my wife to myself.
    Can’t wait for another hit.

  7. Anonymous

    Still getting my head around it with its settings, but its a beautiful machine

  8. Carole Elazzi

    The Spinball Pro 2 tennis ball machine is wonderful. My son uses it every afternoon and his tennis skills have improved dramatically. It does the job and so much more.

  9. Anonymous

    Excellent machine, great design, relatively easy to carry and move around. Lots of preset functions for drills and different types of feeds. Perfect for any player at any skill level.

  10. Jeptha Davenport

    I have had the Spinfire Pro 2 for 1 year and it works really well. I got it just starting out in tennis last year when I realized I needed a lot of repetition to get my shots right. The machine doesn’t teach you, but it does everything else.

    It’s portable enough to put in the trunk of the car (upright) and it has a luggage handle for rolling, but it’s also possible to pick it up without too much trouble. It’s not loud, so I can use it early in the morning when the courts are empty. The remote is perfect to start and stop the ball delivery as needed from across the court (I marked mine with an extra bump on the ‘Pause’ button so it’s easy to find tactilely). I have the external battery pack, which I keep plugged in at home between uses; the battery life is longer than I can play at once, but if you wanted to use it for multiple players, one battery likely could power the machine for 8 hours, and would take about 12 hours to recharge (I estimate). The balls have only gotten stuck in the hopper feeder about 1 per 10,000 deliveries, and only when the balls have gotten damp in puddles and so weigh a bit more than usual all massed together in the hopper (I load 2 gross at a time and try to hit about 4 loads a session over an hour). It’s easy to clear a jam if there ever is one. The machine can send the ball where you want it every time, and you have control of spin, elevation, speed, and rate of delivery. You can have drills alternating directions or random delivery short/long and/or left/right, your choice on how to control it.

    I’m told the balls are washable and machine-dryable but haven’t had to do that. They seem very durable. Although they are solid, I can’t the difference between the Spinfire balls and regular tennis balls in the play. The haven’t worn out or lost their fuzz over 2 seasons. The machine itself seems durable and well put-together. Like other reviewers I also had very prompt and proactive customer service contact in making the purchase and receiving the delivery. This is a great way to practice exactly what you want to work on over and over, whether baseline returns, volleys or overheads, plus at a huge choice in speed and spin. I know I make more hits by far with this machine per hour than in any other way, and I really like being in control of how and when I practice. The Spinfire is always ready when I am.

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