Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

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  • *Configuration

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  • Top speed 80mph / 130km/h
  • Lowest speed 20mph / 32km/h
  • Horizontal random (narrow, medium & wide)
  • Vertical random
  • 2 line drill (narrow, medium & wide)

  • Extreme topspin & slice
  • Extreme lob
  • Ball intervals from 2 to 15 seconds
  • 150 ball capacity
  • Suitable for both tennis and padel
  • Large transport wheels
  • 3 – 8 hour battery life
  • Optional fast charger

  • Battery or AC
  • Remote control included
  • Pocket for remote
  • Weighs 40-54lbs / 18-24 kg
  • Collapsed dimensions
    24″ L x 16″ W x 19″ H
    61 cm x 41 cm x 48 cm
  • 2 year warranty


Introducing Spinfire Pro 2 (version 2)

We’ve taken the best all-round ball machine and made it even better.

Tennis ball machines are a fantastic way to practice and improve your game, regardless of your skill level. The Spinfire Pro 2 makes it easy to practice a wide range of shots, test yourself with a variety of paces, spins and elevations, and build your mobility and fitness with practice drills.

With a number of improvements over the original version, the Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) offers things you’d normally only find on a much more expensive machine. It includes internal movement, an easy-to-use control panel and remote control, and 150-ball capacity – all wrapped up in an extremely stylish and compact design.

Here’s what makes it even better

Some of the key upgrades include:

Improved ball variations:
  • The ‘Horizontal Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Horizontal Random’, so it randomly selects spots across the court rather than sweeping from side to side
  • The ‘Vertical Oscillation’ function has been replaced with ‘Vertical Random’, so it randomly selects the longest or shortest points rather than sweeping up and down
  • ‘Horizontal Random’ now includes a ‘narrow’ option, rather than just ‘wide’ or ‘medium’
Improved portability and practicality:
  • More compact design with an extra handle at the top of the mouth when the hopper (ball basket) is inverted
  • Larger transport wheels with a full axle through the body for added stability and strength
  • A slot has been added to store the remote control
Improved reliability and durability:
  • All electronic components have been upgraded
  • Streamlined design, including internal cabling & battery brace

For a full list of improvements, please click here.

Key features and benefits

Internal movement

Unlike most ball machines, which change the direction of the ball by moving the whole machine from side to side, the Spinfire Pro 2 moves internally. This allows for faster re-direction and makes shots less predictable. The internal parts are black to further disguise shot direction.

Random modes

With both horizontal and vertical random modes, balls can be delivered across the full width of the singles court with depth variation. The Spinfire Pro 2 can be set to deliver the same trajectory over and over or a variety of random trajectories. ‘Horizontal Random’ can be set to deliver balls across a narrow, medium or wide area. ‘Vertical Random’ delivers short or long balls in a random order. Both ‘Horizontal Random’ and ‘Vertical Random’ can be combined for a very realistic playing pattern.

Two-line drills

This feature delivers alternating forehands and backhands. It can be set to ‘wide’, ‘medium’ or ‘narrow’ to vary the degree of difficulty. The ‘wide’ setting makes you run from side to side, ‘narrow’ allows you to remain in the middle of the court, while ‘medium’ is between the two. You can also set the timing between each ball.

Extreme topspin and slice capability

Using counter rotating wheels, the Spinfire Pro 2 operates very quietly and can generate maximum topspin and slice if desired.

Extreme lob

Extreme lobs are rare to find in other ball machines on the market, but with 60° elevation, the Spinfire Pro 2 has no trouble serving up realistic lobs for repetitive practice, making them a breeze on game day.

Remote control

All functions can be controlled remotely, allowing the player to start or pause the machine and change functions without leaving their side of the court.

Easy portability

Compact and lightweight, the Spinfire Pro 2 fits in the trunk of most cars. The hopper (ball basket) can be reversed to neatly cover the machine, and solid wheels and an extendable handle allow you to pull or push it almost anywhere.

Three power options

You can choose between our 3 power options, External Battery – machine with external battery pack, Internal Battery – internal built-in battery machine or AC Power – plug-in AC power option.

The External Battery machine is much lighter as the battery is separate, this also allows for handy charging without moving your machine, great for leaving it in the car while you charge the battery! The all-in-one option is our Internal Battery machine, you can simply plug in your machine to charge the battery. A fast charger is also available, cutting the charging time to just 3-4 hours! If your court has easy access to a powerpoint, the AC Power plug-in machine with no battery allows for simple plug and play. Check out the pictures below to see each of our machines!

More power options!

AC Adaptor
Add this to your order if you would like to run your Internal Battery or External Battery machines using electricity as well.

External Battery Pack
Add this to your order if you would like to expand your options and run your AC Power machine with a battery as well.
You can also add this to your order if you would like to double your playtime with an External Battery Pack to run your Internal Battery machine.

Not just for tennis – Padel Ball Machine

The Spinfire Pro 2 has quickly become a must-have training tool for tennis and padel players alike! With adjustable ball feed settings and additional software designed specifically for padel, this versatile machine can help you improve your padel game like never before!


The Spinfire Pro 2 machine is covered by an outstanding 2-year warranty on parts and labour, and the battery has a 6-month warranty.

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73 reviews for Spinfire Pro 2 Ball Machine

  1. Tim Foster

    I bought my Spinfire after a lot of research, and after being an early backer of the Slinger Bag. I got an external battery so that I could transport it without the heavy battery between my homes. I was very happy for my initial uses with no problem at all. It gave a great workout. Then lockdown came and it sat in the garage unused. When I finally got to use it again, this Spring, it was displaying a fault with the vertical sensor. I reached out to Spinfire and got a response within a few hours. Zul pointed me to some videos to allow me to disassemble the machine and check the connections. He also gave me the details for the UK distributor. I checked and couldn’t rectify it, so he arranged with W&D Strings to send me a replacement sensor. Unfortunately, after trying this it was still reporting the error. However, I noticed an issue with the motherboard at the point the sensor connected. Without even asking, Zul arranged for W&D to send me a replacement motherboard and instructions on how to replace it. I now have a fully working ball machine again and can’t wait to get on court at the weekend.

    Zul, and W&D Strings couldn’t have been more helpful. Ball machines are not cheap and so customer service is an important consideration. I can say, without hesitation, that Spinfire make fantastic machines, and have a customer service that is second to none. When it comes time to replace this one, I will be looking nowhere else other that Spinfire.

  2. Amar

    Very good Machine using it from 2016, i never had a Coach and SPINFIRE helped me learn and compete Tennis. Only worry is we do not have any service in Bangalore India, even if i recommend SPIN FIRE, Players, Coaches & Parents always question me on the Service aspect.

    Note from Spinfire: We do have a distributor in New Delhi who can handle servicing needs all over India.

  3. John Torres

    A year ago I was cleaning out my garage and I found an old trophy. A 1978 MVP tennis trophy from my HS. Wanting to step up my game, I looked into a Spinfire Pro 2, and step up I did. I hit faster and harder now at age of sixty than I did when I seventeen. So in closing If you want to blow everybody’s mind on the court get the SPINFIRE PRO 2.

  4. Bruce Wang

    This is a wonderful tennis ball machine I have ever used. I bought Spinfire Pro 2 in 2015 but didn’t use it from 2017 to 2019 for I’ve been abroad for a long time. When I came back to China, I tried to restart the machine and it worked again! I exchanged the power of the battery and update the old remote to the latest version. It looks like a brand new one now. The after-sales service is great especially in China. We can talk fluently by WeChat any time anywhere. Wish your product be better and better!

  5. Hans Hagberg

    I have been using the previous version of Spinfire pro 2 for 15 months now. The counter has 40500 registered ball launches so the machine has been used a bit. The external battery is still working fine. There are occasional hiccups such as the machine suddenly starts shooting at lowest interval (not registering balls) for a few consecutive shots. I haven’t spent much time calibrating this because it’s not all bad having a bit more randomness in the drills. Another intermittent problem is that the machine don’t start or shuts down without apparent reason. This doesn’t happen every day and the solution seems to be to kick the machine. Something must be lose inside and can probably be fixed with a quick service.

    I’m having great fun with this machine and would buy it again today without hesitation.

  6. Yong (verified owner)

    Recently bought Pro2 – it just works perfectly and does everything it’s advertised to do. It is no hype and has been living up to all my expectations: portable, durable and versatile feeds.

    Looking forward to using this machine to improce my tennis skills!

  7. John Coffey

    Recently acquired Spinfire Pro 2 (v2) Ball Machine, having owned the previous version for a few years.

    I had some problems with the previous version and Spinfire was incredibly supportive in finding a satisfactory resolution.

    The latest version has a number of improvements, it’s lighter, more maneuverable and all of the functions work better. the remote control seems to work from a longer distance. It’s much easier to click through the various menu options and so far, the reliability is excellent.

    This is the BEST portable ball machine on the market ( I have used several, over the years ) and most importantly, is supported by a manufacturer that genuinely cares that customers have a satisfactory experience with their product.

    In these days, where customer service can be thin on the ground, having this kind of support is invaluable.

  8. Michael-john Morgan

    I live in Costa Rica, so ensuring good service was the first priority when deciding which new machine to order replacing the old red machine. Spinfire Australia corresponded with me for many months answering every question I had. Finally we took the leap and ordered. A few weeks later our new Spinfire v2 arrived. A few teething problems arose, but Spinfire dealt with each issue immediately and extremely professionally, even airlifting parts to a brand new customer half the globe away. The machine works fantastically, and I now have many friends who cannot wait to get in line to use it. Not often we have lines in the jungle here, but this machine is almost as inspiring as the truly world-calibre service we’ve receive from Spinfire.

  9. Dave Kitzmiller

    I have had the Spinfire Pro 2 ver. 1 and now I have the Spinfire Pro 2 ver 2. I think the changes that were made are really good. With the version 1 when I would roll it to or from the court and I might hit some uneven ground it had a tendency to tip. This version is solid, the larger wheels have made a big difference. Also this version is more compact. These in themselves don’t change the strength of the machine when in use but transporting to and from a court is part of the experience and is also very important. The addition of a card holder for the remote is nice but not as impactful as are the wheels and geometry. I do have a suggestion for Spinfire Sport. Having an external battery that is fairly heavy is problematic. It’s great to have an external but when you are transporting to and from a court where do you put the battery. For me, I have a rolling duffle bag. It does work OK in there. I am thinking that on version 3 could you add a place to slide the external battery into on the outside of the plastic molding of the product. A place to have easy access for insertion and connection to power and to also have easy removal to then carry inside to be recharged. My duffle bag is a soft good and will break down. I like my duffle bag. I want all things to work in tandem.
    I love the product – keep innovating.

  10. Bruno

    My 1st Spinfire machine is new Pro2 V2 and I’m very pleased with it’s quality and most important with communication with Spinfire customer service. They cover me from time when I was thinking about buying tennis ball machine until suplyer send me wrong version (old one) and even now when I have every question about how machine is working. So tennis machine is very good but customer service is not 5 star but 10 star rating.

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