Spinfire Ignition Set

(14 customer reviews)

USD $9.99


  • Hexagonal profile
  • Co-polymer composition
  • Extreme spin
  • 17/1.18mm & 16L/1.23mm gauges
  • Excellent durability


Spinfire Ignition is a co-polymer string with a hexagonal profile which provides additional spin through “ball bite” and superb control. This ultra durable string offers power but most importantly provides a softer feel compared to most co-polymer strings. It comes in a cool cyan colour and has the additional benefit that it provides almost zero string movement during play and minimal tension loss over time. This string is suitable for aggressive players looking for durability with exceptional spin and control.

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14 reviews for Spinfire Ignition Set

  1. Anonymous

    Good solid value string, holds tension well, good power & control. Highly recommend.

  2. Andrew

    Just had my racquet strung with this and it felt great. Good feel and a good price.

  3. Sam

    I strung this string on my Wilson Pro Staff Six One 90 racquet at 53 pounds. It is a pretty good string. I can assess to top spin and slice a lot better than my old string (Wilson Sensation 16G). The only downside is it is a bit stiff that makes my arm a bit sore after matches. But it is still a good string for this price

  4. Leigh

    I have strung this in 6 peoples rackets now and all feedback has been very good. 5 of the 6 people used Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, 1 used Topspin CyberFlash. All reports say that spin was similar but power was increased and it feels ‘softer'(and it is cheaper!). It is on durability trials now so stay tuned….

  5. Daniel

    This string is great, no issues with it. Been using it for awhile and its durable, gives me power and control and is great value. No point looking for other strings when this one works very well.

  6. Anonymous

    After coming away from the BB Alu Power, I didn’t think there would be a string out there that would match it, but how I was wrong! Although I used to break the BB’s in about 4 weeks (I break these in three at 1.18 guage) I find these strings to be much better for my game. The spin and control is exceptional but I also find the power to be much greater than the power that I was getting from the BB’s. A great string and a must try!

  7. Alexander S.

    Perfect for those who wanna grind it out. Beautiful spin and lets you execute the perfect groundstrokes.

  8. Anonymous

    its good

  9. Elliot

    I love these strings! So much control

  10. Rusty

    Good feel and control, I have only used it a couple times and quite like it, be sure not to string it too tight.

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