Spinfire Automatic Base Clamp

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The Spinfire Automatic Base Clamp can be retrofitted to any Spinfire Stringing Machine (or compatible machines – must suit a 12.2mm diameter column/stem which is long enough to trigger the release). You can upgrade your machine, by simply removing the standard base clamps and replacing them with these automatic base clamps.

The Spinfire Automatic Base Clamps can decrease your stringing time by allowing you to:

  1. Lock your clamps easily without having to apply excessive force
  2. Unlock your clamps by simply dropping the column clamp or pressing a button

Comparing the standard base clamps to the automatic base clamps:

If you believe your machine may be compatible, please check the width of your tracks are 14mm and the plate thickness is 9mm. Note, all dimensions in the below diagram are mm.

track dimensions

2 reviews for Spinfire Automatic Base Clamp

  1. Anonymous

    Clamps fit my Gamma stringer perfectly. Have only strung 4 racquets so far but they seem like good quality

  2. Mark A.

    My machine (a Pro’s Pro Comet II) was surplus stock, and very cheap. Unfortunately it was also old, and its moving parts were tired, and since the day I bought it the clamp bases have needed constant adjustment; soon after I started looking for an auto-locking upgrade. Two YEARS later, I found these no other auto-locking clamp base I could find is compatible with generic male stem? stringing clamps.
    These are outstanding. They are compatible with the most ubiquitous Eagnas-style machines, and can often be used with parts carried across from one’s current setup (I used my own brake blocks, for example, having curved rails that are slightly thinner than standard). The operation manages to hit both extremes: they fly around very easily until they’re locked, but once they’re locked, they aren’t going anywhere. The buttons need only a light touch to release, and the clamp-drop method requires barely half an inch. The little touches like the nylock washer in the cam follower (so they hold their calibration) let you know how well-engineered they are.
    They’re not that expensive (though they ended up being so for me after shipping and customs!), so if your machine’s bases are getting a bit tired they make a lot of sense, and once you get used to the drop-release feature you will wonder how you did without it.

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