Spinfire Juice

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USD $139.00


  • These balls are suitable for normal or high altitude play.
  • Quantity: 72 balls per bag.


The Spinfire Juice pressureless tennis balls have been designed with training in mind. They are perfect for use with a tennis ball machine or in a coaching environment. The rubber core allows the balls to bounce perfectly without the need for internal air pressure, meaning the balls will maintain a consistent bounce regardless of how old they are. The strong TTI needle felt provides excellent durability for maximum life span.

20 reviews for Spinfire Juice

  1. Anonymous

    Very good balls, impressed with the quality. It’s great!

  2. Anonymous

    Work well in spinfire machine

  3. Anonymous

    Very good quality and delivered quickly.

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful balls… Will buy more of them

  5. Anonymous

    a very consistent bounce and perfect for the ball machine.

  6. Anonymous

    Great pressure less ball works a treat with my spin fire pro 1 ball machine.

  7. Daniel French

    Prompt order processing and delivery, thanks guys

  8. sarah hing

    The service and information is just great !!!
    The Spinfire ball machine just keeps going. We have used it for over 5 years now.

  9. Anonymous

    The balls work really well through the ball machine and are holding their integrity and shape with constant use, would recommend.

  10. Crispian D.

    Comes out of the machine as designed, again and again and again with very little variation in speed, bounce and weight even after over 3 months of intensive use.

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