• Spinfire Blaze

    The Spinfire Blaze has been designed for serious stringers who require a stand, fast mounting/dismounting and precision stringing. The advanced turntable only requires 4 knobs rather than 6 to s...

    USD $999.00
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  • Spinfire Inferno

    The Spinfire Inferno is the latest stringing machine to be released by Spinfire. This machine is capable of stringing tennis, squash and badminton racquets, and from December 2013, it now comes ...

    USD $799.00
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  • Spinfire Flame

    The Spinfire Flame is the premium drop weight machine in the Spinfire range and improves on the Spark by offering fixed clamps and 6 points of support on the mounting system. This machine also i...

    USD $549.00
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